Non-Edible Easter Basket Ideas

Non-Edible Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

It’s crazy to me to think that Easter is right around the corner and I’m beyond excited. Maybe more excited than I was for Christmas. You see, Chris’ family has this huge tradition of Christmas stockings. Now that Addison is part of our family, Chris gets a lot of joy from passing the Christmas stocking tradition on. Because of that, I don’t really contribute to that part of the holiday. He plots and plans what he’s going to sneak into her stocking and I can tell he is so proud. This past year was particularly fun because Addison was old enough to participate. She would get excited, open presents, and loved reaching into her stocking to find something new.

The Easter basket is like the Christmas stocking of Spring. And I’ve taken the responsibility of planning out what’s going to go into the basket and the rest of the Easter festivities. I know for sure I’m going to do an egg hunt in the front yard. I can already picture Addison’s face when she discovers that the eggs are filled with gummy snacks and candy. (On a real note, my kid has an incredibly unhealthy obsession with gummy snacks. She wakes up and it’s one of the first things she asks for). So because she’s going to be overloaded on sweets during the egg hunt, I want to fill the Easter basket with non-edible items. I’m trying to slowly switch over Addison’s toys to ones that are made out of more natural materials.

Non-Edible Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers // Those Crazy Sorokas

For basket filler, I chose to use a playsilk because I wanted every part of Addison’s basket to be something fun. There are a lot of different playsilks that you can find online but I ended up purchasing from Sarah’s Silks which is family-owned USA based company. The silk is so soft and I know that Addison is going to be using this constantly (probably going to be a blanket for her baby doll).

Non-Edible Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers // Those Crazy Sorokas

Non-Edible Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers // Those Crazy Sorokas

Non-Edible Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers // Those Crazy Sorokas

Books are an easy gift basket idea. Elmo is my daughter’s favorite tv character and she will beg to watch the Letter and Number of the Day on youtube, so the Bunny Hop by Sarah Albee is going to make her flip out. I chose the book Spring by Gerda Muller, mostly because I loved the illustrations. I already know I’m going to buy the other three books in her seasons series because they are just so beautiful to look at.

Non-Edible Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers // Those Crazy Sorokas
Holztiger is a toy brand that I’m obsessed with. Like Gerda Muller’s books, I think they are so beautiful to look at. I’m trying to grow a collections of the Holztiger figurines for Addison. She already has a grizzly bear, panda, cat, and dog. I chose the bunny for obvious reasons and then the chameleon because it was the closet thing I could find to match Puff, our bearded dragon. I’d love for her to have a some farm and ocean animals as well but because Holztiger figurines are handcrafted and hand painted with nontoxic materials, they’re more expensive than the plastic animals you find at Target. I definitely think the price is worth the product though.

Non-Edible Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers // Those Crazy Sorokas
Last but not least, the felt carrots. I bought mine from the dollar section at Target but I’m sure you can find an etsy seller that makes them. I thought they would look nice with her basket and she could use them with the pots and pans my mom bought her for Christmas this past year.

And that’s everything! I just wanted to share with you what I came up with to put into the basket. Next year I might add bubbles and chalk. If you have any other ideas, leave them in the comments section so that I can take notes for next year!

Sarah’s Silks Rainbow Playsilk // Holztiger Chameleon // Holztiger Bunny // Felt Carrots (Target Dollar Section) // The Bunny Hop (Sesame Street) by Sarah Albee  // Spring by Gerda Muller

Dear Addison, You’re One

It’s quiet and dark. What very little moonlight there is, shines through onto the bed. Your dad breathes in and out and your skin warms mine as you nurse. The longest layers of your hair tickle my arm and your hand is holding onto my bra, as it so often does when we’re together like this.
Chris + Day Addison Was Born
It’s your birthday-eve. Or it maybe your birthday. I am too tired to check. You used to be so much smaller, I think to myself. Your limbs are starting to outgrow my hold. A year ago, we met face-to-face for the very first time. I know you will never remember but I pray that I never forget a single detail of that day. Your entrance was so joyful, which I think was an omen to your personality. I thought I knew everything about your dad but that changed when I saw him hold you for the first time. It was like part of him was uncovered. It was something I don’t think either of us was aware was even there. It was soft and caring, not unlike what I had seen when he was with other children, but this was different. It was special. It was a love reserved for you alone.

I grab your hand and intertwine our fingers. YAddison // Year Oneou will outgrow my lap, my bath time songs, and my high-fives. You will outgrow your dependency for me to dress you and read “Chu’s Day” (again and again and again). But even when we are both much older and you have kids or pets or a spouse of your own, you will never outgrow my hand. My hand will always fit with yours. It will always write to you and rub your back when you are crying. Even when you “know it all” and eventually go your own way, my hand will always be waiting for yours to reach out.

This past year has gone by in a flash. You literally just started taking steps independently today. Or was
it yesterday? Like I said, I am too tired to check. It’s hard to believe that I am even a parent. I’m a parent to a toddler, none the less. It seems so strange. Regardless, I hope you have a very happy first birthday, Addison. I love you very much. Don’t grow too fast.

Love, Mom