June Six // Summer Book Rotation 2017

My husband is the best husband. He is also the best father. Going into June, I knew I wanted to highlight the importance and privilege of having a father. Not every child gets a kiss and hug good bye when their dad leaves for work. Not every child has a father who will sneak them an extra spoonful of ice cream after mom has already said no. Not every child has a father who takes pride in them.

I know Addison is little and my reasoning will not resonate with her, but regardless, I wanted my June Six to feature dads. The story that makes me smile the most is “My Dad Used to Be So Cool”. The illustrations are bright and the story makes me heart smile knowing that good parents will give up parts of their past to make a life that is focused on loving their children.

June Six 2017 Book Rotation // Those Crazy Sorokas

Board Books
My Dad is the Best Playground by Luciana Navarro Powell
Mighty Dads by Joan Holub
Because I’m Your Dad by Ahmet Zappa

June Six 2017 Book Rotation // Those Crazy Sorokas

My Dad Used to Be So Cool by Keith Negley
How To Surprise a Dad by Jean Reagan
Daddies by Janet Frank

I hope you enjoy the books I picked out this month. And happy Father’s Day to all the great guys that invest in their children!

April Six // Spring Book Rotation 2017

Like I mentioned in my last post, I have started rotating out Addison’s books so we can actually enjoy the books that are on our shelves. I explained last week that I have a handful of books that stick around for the entire season, but each month will feature six new books. Three board books that sit out in the living room with the toys and three story books that sit on the shelf in┬áher room for story time before bed.

April was a very easy month to plan for because of the Easter. When I think of Easter, I think of pastels, eggs, rabbits, baby animals, and new life. Addison’s favorite board book, hands down, was the Bunny Hop. She loved pointing out the Sesame Street characters and has already flipped through the book at least a hundred times since she got in her Easter basket.

The other two board books aren’t looked at as much. However, I think they will become more of a hit next year and the year after. She is only 1 1/12 after all and doesn’t have much interest in counting or sitting for more than a minute.

Board Books
Happy Easter, Mouse! by Laura Numeroff
The Easter Story by Patricia Pingry
Bunny Hop by Sarah Albee

Addison isn’t very good at sitting still and the only time I can sit with her and read a book is at bed time, right before bed. I can read an entire book and she will just watch quietly from her bed. I wanted to include a Golden Book each month because I have fond memories of them as a child. But for story time, I haven’t gravitated towards it. Maybe once she is older, but the other two books have been read several nights already. An Egg is Quiet and I Wish You More are both quick reads. I love the illustrations in An Egg Is Quiet and can definitely see this book stick around for many years, even through middle school if I end up homeschooling.

An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Hutts Aston
I Wish You More by Amy Krouse Rosenthal
The Fuzzy Duckling by Jane Werner Watson

Hope you all enjoyed my April 6. I’m a little late this month, but better late than never!