Puppy Love.

I don’t know if any of you are aware but Chris and I are major animal lovers and if you follow me on Instagram, you already know that our household number has gone up by one. 

Introducing: Tank.


He is a 12 week old pit puppy and he is beyond adorable. It’s been a while since Chris and I have had a puppy. Both Riley and Bentley are turning two this year and I kind of completely forgot what puppy raising was like. 

I forgot about the soft puppy fur and the clumsy puppy running. I forgot about the constant puppy napping and that puppy smell. I forgot about the big puppy eyes and the constant chew fest that is teething. But it’s ok. I’m still loving it.


We adopted Tank from my coworker Michelle. Her landlord is apparently a dog racist against pit bulls and was none too pleased when she learned that Michelle had Tank. It didn’t take much husband convincing before I told Michelle that we’d take him.

Our first introductions with this adorable dude went great. There was only lots of tail wagging and puppy kisses. First introductions with Riley and Bentley? That’s a different story. Riley, of course, was perfect. She is seriously a great dog. Her only problem is that she’s intimidating. People and dogs alike seem to cower at her size. Tank reacted the same way. He was super friendly and excited to meet her when she was laying down in her crate but when she stood up and ran full force at him… Not exactly happy to meet her any more. Luckly, she knows her limits (probably because of constantly leaving with small animals) and could tell he was scared so she left him alone and ran back in forth on the other side of the yard. 


Bentley? Well he’s my brave protector and was not pleased that Tank was with us. He growled. His hair raised and God forbid if Tank got anywhere me. He was full on guard dog. It’s really our fault. Bentley has never been exposed to other dogs before so he wasn’t sure how to react. But after a few good spankins for the growling and nipping, he eased up. He’s still not stoked but is getting more relaxed the longer he’s with Tank. I know in a week or so, we’ll have adjusted and life will fall into its new normal.


Chris swore up and down that we weren’t going to have any more puppies after Bentley. Funny how these things work.