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Those Crazy Sorokas // 29 Weeks Pregnant
Those Crazy Sorokas // 29 Weeks Pregnant
Yesterday I went to my 29-week doctor visit. It was unusually packed. What’s normally a 20-minute appointment turned into over an hour of waiting. As I was sitting in the lobby, I observed the women around me. Some were old with heads full of white hair and floral two-piece outfits. Some were young, only teenagers sitting with their mom’s filling out paperwork with bellies far rounder than mine. There were also women, like myself, sitting in their uniforms with their hair pulled back, impatiently tapping their feet against the linoleum floor.

There were a few ladies there with babies. You could tell the seasoned parents from the new ones. There was a mom with two kids, chatting on her cell phone while her baby bounced on her knee and chewed on her keys. Then there was another mother there who caught my attention. Her adorable baby was sprawled out on her lap. The baby looked very new to the world. She did those stiff sudden baby motions and looked around the room looking at nothing and everything at the same time. She had a head full of black curly hair and was incredibly tiny. Every finger, joint, nail, everything about her was mini. She was so very beautiful.

The mother of this baby looked incredibly drained. Her hair was frazzled and she still had a little bit of a baby belly. At one point, the baby’s pacifier dropped and rolled around on the floor that so many people tracked their wet, muddy feet on. I was astounded that the people who sat closest to her just glanced over at the pacifier and the woman struggling to pick the baby off her lap (and pull up her pants and fix her hair and juggle everything else that was in her hand). Not one person offered her assistance. I was sitting a row or so away from her and picked it up off the floor. She smiled a tired smiled and whispered thank you.

She eventually got called back and I continued to wait. Seeing her made me wonder, will I look like that after I have my baby? Right now, I feel pretty prepared but I know that’s naive. I know that when Chris comes home from work, I’m going to rush towards him with “can you take her/change her diaper/hold her/let me take a power nap in the tub with hot water & earplugs and a piece of chocolate cake??”

In Amy Poehler’s “Yes, Please” she says, “every mother needs a wife.” This may be her own mother, mother-in-law, friend, neighbor, or husband. Someone to hold the baby when both arms are too weak to carry her. Someone to cry to when the baby has been crying with ceasing or when the baby reaches a milestone. Someone who helps the mother along when she is frazzled, confused, and tired.

I will be that mother I saw in the doctor’s office, sometimes. I will also be the mom that other mom’s will look at wondering, “how does she do it? No bags under her eyes (coughmakeupcough)? She fits into her jeans after just having a baby (coughcoughjeggingscough)?” I will be a mother who will take pride in the small victories and ask for help when needed.

I accept there will be days where I will feel like superwoman and the house will look like a show home. I also accept that there will be days you will find me crying in the middle of the floor with my baby in my arms, dogs licking the tears off my face, and the house looking like a disaster zone. I’m ok with that.

It’s nice to know that I’m not alone. There are plenty of others who have traveled in my footsteps and are willing to travel with me as I explore the road on my own. I truly appreciate everyone who has supported me and continues to lend me a helping hand. I am not the woman I was 7 months ago and I won’t be the same in the 3 months to come, and it’s because of all of you.

Thank you so very much.
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In-Laws & Birthdays

They say when you get married, you don’t just marry the love of your life, you marry their family. I know some people who despise their in-laws. Their in-laws are clingy and have their hands in the couple’s finances and personal affairs. I’ve seen in-laws create rifts in marriages and have caused couples to turn against one another.
I’m fortunate enough to have been blessed with great in-laws. They don’t meddle or judge. They are loving and kind. They offer advice but don’t push it upon and always have our backs.
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of celebrating the life of a wonderful mother-in-law. Having known her for close to ten years, I can definitely identify her as my family. She is such a kindhearted and loving person and I can see bits of her reflected in my husband. I know without such an amazing woman, I would not have the husband I am blessed with today.
2015 Julia & Kaitlyn
Chris grilled up some steak with two vegetable sides: lightly pan fried broccoli (my addiction!) and roasted carrots (a new discovery for us). For dessert, we planned to make these adorable apple roses, that looked surprisingly easy to make (WRONG). They were so difficult to make and I think the ingredients I used were just off (I did have to improvise on a few things). So (thank God), Stephen had brought a birthday cake from Publix and it was oh so delicious.
Flank steak with chimichurri sauce. Sides of pan-seared broccoli and balsamic marinated & roasted carrots.
Happy birthday, Julia! I hope you had a great day and I love you so much!

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Backyard Daydreams

Something I really love reading about is how people design & manage their backyards. I like to see the transformations. I love how plain backyards become quaint spaces for family gatherings or a home to tomatoes or chickens. One backyard that I just drool over is Drea’s from ohdeardrea.blogger.com. If you’ve been following her since the beginning (like I have), you know that her backyard was so overgrown when she moved in but holy freaking crap. She has done some serious damage over there and her yard is now beautiful.

Actually, she was the person who inspired me to start gardening in the first place. Now, I’m not currently growing anything besides the citrus trees that came with our house and the potted lemon tree we brought with us from the last house. But do I have dreams.

For one, I love her raised garden beds and it’s a definite must for me. We were growing peppers, but a little red dog that loves to dig (and taught the other dogs how to dig) tipped the pots over and dug everything out (bad dog).  So no more peppers for us. He also dug up the whole side of the house and now it’s just a pile of dirt (bad bad dog) . Even in the picture you can see that mischievous puppy creeping up with his white little feet that look like he stepped in paint.

Raised beds would eliminate the dogs getting into the plants. We eventually also want to put flowers along the side of the house where Tank (little red) dug up to cover up the ugly bottom of the house and exposed the cable cords that run along there.

Backyard - Hole

There’s also a medium sized flower bed over where the clothesline is that needs to weeded out and have something put there. I’d love to grow sunflowers, but there’s not really a place for them that I like and the the flower bed doesn’t get a whole lot of sun.

Backyard - Clothsline Corner

But seriously, I really want to get my gardening on. I don’t just want pretty flowers. I want food. I want to be able to run out to the yard and grab some basil and cherry tomatoes to add to dinner. I want to be able to gather oranges off my tree instead of pick them up at Publix.

Right now, my priority is getting my citrus trees to produce healthy fruit. Last month we did some tree pruning and now we need to start fertilizing. I read that citrus trees need to be fertilized 3 times a year and I doubt the previous owners ever did that. The trees don’t look that bad (I’m lying. They look terrible) and the fruit looks even worse.

Citrus Trees

Those two sparse bush/trees…. those are my citrus trees and all their glory.

Citrus Fruits

Another priority for me is to set up an herb garden with our most used herbs. We had pretty good luck last year when we did it. We use cilantro almost daily, however, the big bunches at the grocery store are too much and half of it ends up going bad. I’m not 100% sure where I want to put this. Maybe in the kitchen window? Not sure yet. I really don’t want to put them outside unless they’re in raised beds. Or maybe I can have Chris put hanging planters on the fence so that they’re out of reach from the dogs but still are outside.

There are lots of things I want to grow. I want to try to grow onions (all varieties), cherry tomatoes, herbs (cilantro, basil, parsley), leafy greens (spinach, kale), peppers, broccoli, & cauliflower. Chris had awesome luck growing green onions when we lived at Southwinds, so I know we’ll at least have those.

As for aesthetic purposes, I’d like to get a climbing vine flower/plant to grow over the pergola in the corner of the yard. I want to move the plastic chair that’s underneath there and put a bench or swing.

Fun fact, my grandpa made the pergola and it’s the same one that Chris & I got married under many moons ago. Chris and I painted it and my mom stored it in her backyard until we had a yard for ourselves.

Pergola Corner

Another thing we’re doing is trying to get the grass to grow (without completely resodding). As you can tell in most of the pictures, the yard is patchy. Chris has laid down seed twice since we got here. The first time he just used a bag and sprinkled it all over the yard which we got decent results. However, there’s still spot that need some TLC and just this past weekend, Chris did some heavy seeding in the sparse areas.

Another thing I want to do is get a new firepit. The one we got handed down is super rusty and gross looking. Don’t get me wrong, it works but I kind of want something not rusted looking. That’s really low on my list though.

Backyard: Firepit

If you have any Central Florida gardening tips, leave them in the comments below. I’m an amateur gardener so any advice is welcome!

7 Months: 12 Weeks Until We Meet

My alternate title to this was – 7 Months: Hello Outie

I originally was going to post about this in four days or so when I actually reached 7 months (and take the big leap into the third trimester), but the post I was planning on putting up today was about my backyard and it’s been raining every single night after work this week, so I haven’t had the opportunity to get the pictures. But that’s life. Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and get over it.

Anyways, on Tuesday I will be 28 weeks pregnant. Addison will be the size of an eggplant and is starting to pack on the pounds. She likes to move… a lot. If you didn’t see the tweet after that appointment, here it is:

Prego Tweet - 27 Weeks


Yeah, she’s feisty and doesn’t like to be bothered.

I’m starting to get those pregnancy symptoms that most people have but never want to talk about (i.e. leaky boobs, peeing while sneezing). Yeah… Karla AND Chris laughed awhile about the leaking… It’s normal but definitely not something I want to have out in public! I’m not super sick feeling all day, every day. I don’t have any cravings. I haven’t had the need to “nest” yet… at least I don’t think. Sleep, even with going non-electronic at 9, has become non-existent. It takes me hours to fall asleep and I get tired easily during the day. I’ve become a sleepy, zombie mom already. Other than that, everything is basically normal, just getting fat and happy!

Things I’ve/We’ve Done This Trimester:
-Karla, Anthony, & Chris painted the nursery
-I preregistered at the hospital
-We had one (surprise) baby shower & got the stroller on our registry (thank you to the Venue family!!)
-I had to take my belly ring out. It closed over the next day. I’m still mourning the loss.
-I officially have an outie
-I took the glucose test
-Found out from my glucose test that I am slightly anemic (unofficially found out. perks of working at a doctor’s office). Now I’m just waiting for my OB to get the results to tell me where to go from here.
-People are finally noticing I’m pregnant… even if the conversations are along the lines of “Oh my goodness, you’re pregnant! 2016 will be a big year for you!” or “winter babies are great!”
-I’ve reached the appointments-every-two-weeks mark
-I saw the baby move for the first time. It was like a ninja was trying to break out.
-I can no longer shave that well… if I do I usually miss 80% of my leg (sexy right??).
-Getting off the couch/out of bed has become a workout.
-Peeing every 30 or so minutes is my new normal
-Put together our baby shower guest list

Can I just say the ONE thing I wanted during pregnancy was the table-belly?! I still can’t successfully use my belly as a table and it’s really killing my mood!

I’m really excited to meet my baby. I was telling one of my coworkers earlier that I feel like I’m playing pretend. Like this is all fake and just a dream. I want to hold her so much. I want Chris to hold her. I’m so tired of being pregnant. I’m nowhere near prepared to have a baby (a small dog bed is sufficient for a baby bed, right?), but at the same time I am so ready. Part of me feels like I’ve been pregnant forever and there’s also a part of me who feels like it was just yesterday the pee stick said, “yay! baby time!”. Also, holy freaking cute clothes!

Baby Clothes

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter - Those Crazy Sorokas

Happy Easter - Those Crazy Sorokas

Happy Easter from the Sorokas! Hope everyone is spending time with family and remembering the awesome miracle of Jesus coming alive again!

Not only is Spring my favorite time of year, Easter is the holiday that perfectly embodies the season. Easter day always reminds me of how fresh and new everything is around here. Churches and homes are always adorned with lilies or eggs. People walk into church dresses up from head to toe in their Sunday’s best. I honestly think people wake up on Easter feeling refreshed and ready for a new and brighter day (I know I do).

I hope that today, you take a minute to yourself to breathe in the fresh air and smile at the fact that our God is beautiful and living. Today is the start of a beautiful week. Embrace it and look for the beauty in the every days tasks.

Let me know in the comments below what you did today or if you saw/experienced something beautiful!

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