In-Laws & Birthdays

They say when you get married, you don’t just marry the love of your life, you marry their family. I know some people who despise their in-laws. Their in-laws are clingy and have their hands in the couple’s finances and personal affairs. I’ve seen in-laws create rifts in marriages and have caused couples to turn against one another.
I’m fortunate enough to have been blessed with great in-laws. They don’t meddle or judge. They are loving and kind. They offer advice but don’t push it upon and always have our backs.
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of celebrating the life of a wonderful mother-in-law. Having known her for close to ten years, I can definitely identify her as my family. She is such a kindhearted and loving person and I can see bits of her reflected in my husband. I know without such an amazing woman, I would not have the husband I am blessed with today.
2015 Julia & Kaitlyn
Chris grilled up some steak with two vegetable sides: lightly pan fried broccoli (my addiction!) and roasted carrots (a new discovery for us). For dessert, we planned to make these adorable apple roses, that looked surprisingly easy to make (WRONG). They were so difficult to make and I think the ingredients I used were just off (I did have to improvise on a few things). So (thank God), Stephen had brought a birthday cake from Publix and it was oh so delicious.
Flank steak with chimichurri sauce. Sides of pan-seared broccoli and balsamic marinated & roasted carrots.
Happy birthday, Julia! I hope you had a great day and I love you so much!

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  • You’re so lucky to have in-laws you love!!! We aren’t all so fortunate 🙁 I’m also going to cyber-hug you for being a fellow broccoli lover! There are too few of us. Broccoli gets a bad rap!

    • I use to hate broccoli and my husband has always loved it. I’ve had it almost every night as a side or mixed into my food for the past two years and have grown to love it. Now, if I don’t have it with dinner, I kind of miss/crave it.