Happy Easter!

Happy Easter - Those Crazy Sorokas

Happy Easter - Those Crazy Sorokas

Happy Easter from the Sorokas! Hope everyone is spending time with family and remembering the awesome miracle of Jesus coming alive again!

Not only is Spring my favorite time of year, Easter is the holiday that perfectly embodies the season. Easter day always reminds me of how fresh and new everything is around here. Churches and homes are always adorned with lilies or eggs. People walk into church dresses up from head to toe in their Sunday’s best. I honestly think people wake up on Easter feeling refreshed and ready for a new and brighter day (I know I do).

I hope that today, you take a minute to yourself to breathe in the fresh air and smile at the fact that our God is beautiful and living. Today is the start of a beautiful week. Embrace it and look for the beauty in the every days tasks.

Let me know in the comments below what you did today or if you saw/experienced something beautiful!

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  • We didn’t really do anything special for Easter this year but next year I really want to set new traditions for my family. This year is about getting settled, next year is about setting traditions.

    • Kaitlyn Soroka

      I love setting new traditions! But I agree with you. It’s really important to get settled before trying to start up new projects/traditions/anything.