About Me

2014 Christmas Photo

I’m Kaitlyn and I am the face behind the blog. I live in Central Florida with my husband, daughter, four dogs and bearded dragon. Yes, four dogs and a bearded dragon. They even have their own bed room. Just the sheer amount of bodies moving throughout my home on the daily creates the crazy atmosphere that is my life.

I’m a PNW enthusiasts and am impatiently waiting until I am able to move to my dream city: Seattle. I’m a hard core Seahawks fan and I’m sorry in advance if you ever watch a game with me. I bleed pink moscato and dark roast coffee. I’m also a cookbook fanatic and will attempt to make pretty much anything at least once.

I’ve been blogging off and on since June 2014 but I’m determined that I want to blog more consistently. I use this space mostly to reflect and document, so that one day I can scroll through these pages and see what might have otherwise been forgotten.

I’m so happy you stopped by and can’t wait to read your feedback. If you’re interesting in working with me, feel free to email me at thosecrazysorokas@gmail.com.